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Mitre Mothers Who Pray For Their Children MT137

Produced according to chosen size. Production time up to 10 (ten) days. Doubts? Contact us via WhatsApp +55 27 99573.4778.
Disponibilidade: Made-to-order in up to 10 (ten) days.
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Mothers who pray for their children is a movement of the Catholic Church, inspired by the Holy Spirit of God, created by a small group of mothers and guided by its founder, Angela Abdo. This ecclesial movement was started in a parish of the Archdiocese of Vitória - ES, which extends throughout Brazil and begins to spread throughout the world.
CORDIS, a company belonging to the Diocese of Colatina, is now also part of this religious movement, taking care of the production, dissemination and commercialization of liturgical vestments approved and authorized by the directors of the movement through its founder, ÂNGELA ABDO.
“God used means beyond the group itself to expand the charism of this ecclesial service” (Angela Abdo).


The miter (or mitre) is a pontifical insignia worn by the prelates of the Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican Church, be they: abbots, bishops, archbishops, cardinals and the Pope. It is the covering of the head of the prelate in a liturgical ceremony. It consists of two pieces of firm / flexible material (kind of pentagonal), in which a fabric is applied that is sewn from the sides and lined inside. The two upper ends (cusps) are free when the sides are compressed allowing to be placed on the head. Infulae (lappets), are the two pendant bands at the back.
Since the Second Vatican Council, the mitre has been reduced to two types:
The precious mitre, which is used on all occasions when the simple mitre is not required.
The simple mitre or White, that is used with black or purple vestments, or when the bishop is not the main concelebrant.
Mitre (or miter) sizes are according to the head circumference measurement.



Mitre Mothers Who Pray For Their Children MT137. This beautiful piece was developed in 100% polyester satin jacquard, a light fabric with a silky appearance. On the front and back, a cross is embroidered flanked with features that enhance it. The institution's logo was embroidered on the lower extremities of the infulae. Available in off white color and in sizes from 54 to 63.

Model: Classic
Fabric: Jacquard
Color: Beige
Finishing: Leather and satin
Size: From 54 to 63.


- DON'T WASH, dry clean in specialized laundries;
- PASS on the wrong side of the fabric, using only a steam iron at a moderate temperature as indicated on the product composition and conservation label.
- After using the vestment, let it rest for an hour outdoors;
- Hang on good hangers (jacket type);
- Do not keep wrapped in plastic for a long time.


DON'T IRON ON: Prints, embroidery, gallons and metallic fabrics.



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