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Dalmatic Mothers who Pray for their Children DA705

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Dalmatic is the deacons own garment, worn over the Tunic or Alb. Its name derives from a piece of clothing used in Dalmatia (region in southern Europe). They are made with chasuble-like fabrics and decorated with embroidery and /or galloons. Open on the sides, with wide and short sleeves. Under the Dalmatic, a transversal stole is used.



Dalmatic Mothers who Pray for their Children DA705. Made in twill 100% polyester, light fabric of good quality and appearance. Traditional model, vertical collar with front opening. On the front, chest height, a beautiful embroidery with the symbol of the ecclesial movement. The lower end is decorated with the letters A and M (Ave Maria). Available only in light beige and in sizes S, M and L. It comes with an internal diaconal stole.
Fabric: Twill polyester
Color: Light beige
Model: Traditional
Finish: Embroidered
Complement: Dalmatic stole.


S: dresses people until 165 cm height.
M: dresses people until 175 cm height.
L: dresses people until 185 cm height.

OBS.: For bigger, smaller or intermediate sizes, consult us.


- DONT WASH in the washing machine, its preferable to dry-clean them in specialized laundries;
- IRON IT inside out, in medium heat as indicated in the composition and conservation tag;
- After usage, leave the piece to rest for one hour in the open air;
- Hang it in good hangers;
- Dont keep it for too long wrapped in plastic. 


DONT IRON ON: prints, needlework, galloons and metallic fabrics. 

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