Social Responsability



The history of CORDIS began in 1993, when the Diocese of Colatina - ES - Brazil, to which it belongs, was only two years old. CORDIS was born, then, in response to the pastoral demands of this diocese with two objectives:


1- Provide pastoral support for diocesan communities, vestments and objects for liturgical celebrations;


2- To be a source of fundraising for the development and maintenance of social activities, especially for the less favored.


Thus, throughout its existence and, allying itself  with Caritas Diocesan and the Diocesan Solidarity Fund, CORDIS has been financially collaborating in this excellent social work to promote the lives of the elderly, needy pregnant women and their babies; children in situations of social vulnerability and rescuing young people and adolescents from chemical dependency and, consequently, from crime.


Altogether, there are 12 social entities located in some cities of this diocese who have the satisfaction and privilege of helping others. In these years of evangelization, there were more than ten thousand people assisted by these social entities.

Now, by purchasing CORDIS products, you will also be part of this chain of solidarity and love for others.

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