Privacy Policy and Security



CORDIS ensures the security and privacy of the personal data of its customers, taking care that such information is not subject to undue capture, loss, improper use or unauthorized access.


For this purpose, we present our Privacy Policy to which you will be subject when visiting our website, providing data and information, being considered a user who declares to know and accept these terms.


Safety certifications

Our website uses data encryption technology ensuring that every transaction and information you provide is protected and secure. All data processed during the purchase is managed in a safe and encrypted environment, through security certificates that guarantee peace of mind and reliability throughout the navigation and purchase process.


Our virtual store uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) traffic security protocol that encrypts all the information transacted, so that it cannot be read or altered by third parties while they are transiting over the Internet. It is the same type of security used by the best home banking sites.


All registration and financial information is sent securely, which can be easily verified in the browser, which will display a closed padlock in the external area.


In addition, we have the Protected Store Seal, with encrypted information with a high level of security, with allocation in 100% secure Data Centers, which guarantee the protection of the information of tenants and their customers.

We have advanced hosting technologies, all structured and monitored 24 hours, ensuring physical and virtual security of all data.


Advanced architecture and redundant fiber-optic IP connections with several operators using the BGP4 Protocol, guarantee the safe and protected traffic of information, providing a smooth navigation for consumers.


Information security

When performing any operation on our website, all information and data provided by the user, such as name, e-mail, telephone, address, number of documents, date of birth and others, will be stored in compliance with strict safety and protection standards of data.


Your data will never be transferred, sold, rented, transferred or destined to third parties, under any circumstances. However, the information will be grouped for processing operations and may be used in a generic way, internally, for statistical purposes, with the objective of understanding the profile of our users, without, with this, implying in the violation of their right to protection and privacy of data.


Communications of offers and services

Your communication data (e-mail, telephone, social networks, etc.) will be treated with due confidentiality and rigor, and will not be provided to anyone. Only used, when expressly authorized by the user, for the purpose of advertising or commercial communications about our launches, promotions, newsletters and special offers. By registering on our website and on our pages, you will be able to choose whether or not you want to receive emails with such information and promotions.


CORDIS is against sending emails without prior authorization (known as SPAM) and this situation is not part of our commercial and marketing practices, therefore, we will not send any e-mails and unwanted and unauthorized messages. And, when registered, our messages and newsletters will have a clear option for unsubscribing, thus allowing the user, at any time, to cancel the sending of our messages, through a unsubscribe link.


History of products viewed

Our website automatically receives and stores, through cookies, information about browser activities, including the IP address and pages accessed. These activity records will only be used to recognize a constant visitor, improve the shopping experience and enable personalized resources, such as product recommendations, virtual advertising and items previously saved in the shopping cart.


Cookies are small data files transferred from a website to your computer's disk and do not store personal data such as your name, address or your credit card number. You can also disable the saving of cookies in your browser, delete them and manage their use by configuring the browser you use to access our website.


User responsibility

The login and password information of the user's restricted access area is exclusively his responsibility, be it creation, storage and alteration. Our systems and employees do not have access to such data. The use of obvious passwords, such as special dates, names or numeric strings, is not recommended. If the user becomes aware or just suspects that his password has been discovered, he must change it immediately on his registration page.


Ownership of information

All information contained on our website is the property of CORDIS, therefore, it cannot be altered, copied, extracted or in any way used without the prior and express written authorization. Thus, when accessing the website, the user is aware that the misuse of the information contained herein may result in civil and criminal sanctions.


This Privacy Policy is subject to constant updates and improvements. Therefore, we recommend your periodic consultation.



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