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Priestly Stole Fidelidade ES726

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Stole is a liturgical vest that marks the priestly ordination in its three degrees: diaconal, priestly and Episcopal. Made in all of the liturgical colors, they’re used in the Eucharist celebration as in all of the other sacraments. When used under the chasuble, they’re more simple and discreet. However, the ones made to use over the Tunic, get beautiful galoons or needleworks of liturgical symbols and elegant finishings.



Priestly Stole Fidelidade ES726. Made in jaquard, a rustic fabric softened with satin stripes. Curved model with a cross embroidered on the left side and, on the right, a symbol of priestly fidelity. Available in beige and sizes S, M and G.

Model: Curve

Fabric: Jacquard

Color: Beige

Finishing: With embroidery on the left side a cross and on the right, a symbol of priestly fidelity.



S: dresses people until 165 cm height.

M: dresses people until 175 cm height.

L: dresses people until 185 cm height.

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