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Paschal Lamb Priestly Stole ES250

Paschal Lamb Priestly Stole ES250 (14cm wide) is made of Jacquard softened by satin stripes. This stole was developed in the curved model with a small cross on the back.
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Stole is a vest that marks the priestly ordination in its three degrees: diaconal, priestly and Episcopal. Made in all of the liturgical colors, they’re used in the Eucharist celebration as in all of the other sacraments. When used under the chasuble, they’re more simple and discreet. However, the ones made to use over the Tunic, get beautiful galoons or needleworks of liturgical symbols and elegant finishings.



Paschal Lamb Priestly Stole ES250. Made of  Jacquard  softened by satin stripes. This 14 cm wide stole was developed in the curved model with  a small cross on the back. The front shows the embroidery of the Lamb and the star. Detail: golden chain at the back that attaches to the collar of the tunic. It is lined with flat fabric. Available in beige in sizes S, M and L.

Model: Curve

Fabric: Jacquard

Color: Beige

Finishing: Golden chain on the back that attaches to the collar of the tunic



S: dresses people until 165 cm height.

M: dresses people until 175 cm height.

L: dresses people until 185 cm height.



The apex of liturgical celebrations is the Paschal Mystery. Christ himself is the true sacrificial Lamb! To celebrate Easter, CORDIS has made the beautiful collection PASCOAL LAMB made of priestly chasuble and stole. The Chasuble is made in the large gothic model, of great fitting and finished with golden slant. What makes this chasuble so remarkable are the stolons in the front and in the back with beautiful needlework in the colors of the Lamb overlaid on the elements water and earth, amongst a forest lit by stars. The Priestly Stole is manufactured in jacquard fabric with satin vertical stripes. In one side, there’s the Lamb’s figure richly sowed. In the other side, there’s a star that represents the light of Christ Resurrected. On the edges, needlework that reminds the elements water and earth.

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