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Cincture Celebration Cassock Model FB202. Made of microfiber fabric (twill)
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Cincture Celebration Cassock model FB202

    Cincture Celebration Cassock model FB202

    • Availability: Made-to-order piece. Consult us!
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    Made-to-order piece. Consult us about delivery time and measurement form via WhatsApp +55 27 99573.4778.


    Cincture Celebration Cassock model FB202. Made of microfiber fabric (twill), structured with interlining, without  fringes at the ends. It is available in black, and in sizes S, M, L, XL Slim (1) andXL Fat (2).
    Model: FB202
    Fabric: Twill
    Color: Black
    Width cincture: 12 cm

    Waist circumference:
    S - 88 cm
    M - 94 cm
    L- 100 cm
    XL Slim (1) - 106 cm
    XL Fat (2) - 118 cm

    NOTE; All sizes are adjustable for more or less 5 cm.

    Attention: Parts sold separately. Image for illustrative purposes only.


    As it deals with pieces made with sophisticated and delicate fabrics, composed of embroidery, prints, metallized galloons, fringes and other applications, or finishes that require specific treatment, we suggest some special care for a good conservation and an increase in its useful life:

    → After using the vestment / implement, let it rest for an hour outdoors;
    → Hang on good hangers (jacket type);
    → Do not keep wrapped in plastic for a long time;
    → Do not wash;
    → Sanitize in specialized laundries;
    → Pass the wrong side of the fabric, using only the iron at a moderate temperature as indicated on the product composition and conservation label;
    → If in doubt, consult Cordis.

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