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Episcopal Cassock Cold Wool Black BT601

Made-to-order piece. Consult us about delivery time and measurement form via WhatsApp +55 27 99573.4778.
Disponibilidade: Made-to-order piece. Consult us!
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Cassock is a simple and dignified ecclesiastical habit (cloth) according to the norms established by the Episcopal Conferences and according to the legitimate customs of the places (CIC Can 284). Throughout history, seeking practicality, comfort and adaptation to the climate, the cassocks have been differentiating one from the other. Today, there are several types of cassocks. It is up to the local bishop, however, to determine what type of habit the clerics of his Particular Church (diocese) will use. The cassock is actually a garment originally worn on a daily basis by clergy as a uniform. Exactly, a clerical uniform! For this reason, famous tailors specialized in making cassocks to dress the dignitaries of the Church, which, depending on their function and ecclesiastical title, these garments present themselves with some details that differentiate them. It is a piece made to measure and, therefore, with high cost.
However, it is known that in liturgical functions, some vestments are superimposed on the cassock, thus increasing the cleric's body temperature. CORDIS stylists, attentive to this, developed cassocks that, while retaining their essential characteristics, also present others that make them highly appreciated: Accurate modeling, lightweight fabric, without lining, with fewer buttons and refined finishes.



Episcopal Cassock Cold Wool BT601. Manufactured (made to order) in super 120 cool wool (Italian), fabric of excellent quality, durability and good taste. Front buttoning, pleats on the back and sides, where pockets with access to the pants are found. It is lined with satin which, in addition to thermal insulation, also provides a good internal finish. As it is an episcopal habit, this garment has its sewing details, finishing, buttons and edging in red that goes down from the collar to the hem, which is trimmed with red grosgrain ribbon. Available in black color. Band cincture and peregrineta are not included.
Model: Roman                                                                                                                                                                 
Fabric: Super 120 cold wool (Italian)                                                                                                                               
Color: Black with red details                                                                                                                                   
Finishing: Buttons and edgings
Size: Tailor-made according to formulary. Click here and download it.

Attention: Parts sold separately. Image for illustrative purposes only.

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