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Leo Magno Asperges Cope CP500. Made in damask jacquard with satin embossed designs.
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Leo Magno Asperges Cope CP500

    Leo Magno Asperges Cope CP500

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    Attention! Humeral veil and stoles priestly and diaconal are sold separately.


    Asperges Cope is a kind of mantle that, in the Tridentine rite was used by the priest for the rite of sprinkling holy water on the people, hence its name. Also known as Pluvial Cope, it should be used over the tunic and stole, but also over the cassock-surplice-stole. Its use is appropriate in the celebration of the sacraments of baptism and marriage outside Mass, in the solemn blessing of the Blessed Sacrament, in the processions of the patron saints (white, beige, red or green), on the solemn vespers, in the procession of Palms, in the Celebration of the Passion of Christ (red) and in funerals (purple or black) and in solemn divine offices and in the procession of Corpus Christi. Deacons may also wear asperges copes.



    Leo Magno Asperges Cope CP500. Made in damask jacquard with satin embossed designs. Detail: on the front bands a sequence of stylized crosses is embroidered, on the hood embroidered medallions finished with fringes are applied. Closing: golden clasps. The inner finishing of the hem is made with grosgrain. This model is available in a single color beige and in sizes S, M and L.

    Fabric: Jacquard.

    Color: Single (beige)

    Finishing: Front bands and on the hood embroidered.


    Attention! Humeral veil and stoles priestly and diaconal  are sold separately.

    Choose the matching humeral veil, priestly or diaconal stole.



    S: dresses people until 165 cm height.

    M: dresses people until 175 cm height.

    L: dresses people until 185 cm height.


    OBS.: For bigger, smaller or intermediate sizes, consult us.



    - DON’T WASH in the washing machine, it’s preferable to dry-clean them in specialized laundries;

    - IRON IT inside out, in medium heat as indicated in the composition and conservation tag;

    - After usage, leave the piece to rest for one hour in the open air;

    - Hang it in good hangers;

    - Don’t keep it for too long wrapped in plastic. 



    DON’T IRON ON: prints, needlework, galloons and metallic fabrics. 

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